Set Your Diet Goals

Diet Goal.png

Setting your dieting goals is highly essential when following a proper diet plan. If you do not set your goals, you will most likely not have the determination and dedication to pursue your long term goals. A proper diet plan is typically achieved through setting of a proper incremental plan.

To begin with, when setting your goals for dieting, make sure you set a goal that is realistic and achievable. You want to have a set of markers to analyze whether you are succeeding or failing. You can set a goal by deciding to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks. Your diet should be planned, along with your other fitness regimes, as well.

A dieting goal is almost like having a measuring stick to track your progress on a daily basis. If you find yourself failing, then you have a flag to indicate you have been lagging behind and can make adjustments to succeed. On the other hand, if you feel that you are way ahead and have lost those pounds well in advance of your goal time-frame, then you could plan a little celebration!

It’s important to remember, if you set unrealistic goals, you're less likely to achieve your goal and you may become discouraged and may even give up on your plan altogether. Therefore, realism is of the utmost importance.

Start with small achievable targets or short term targets and work to the longer range goal. If your end result is to lose 40 pounds then have that as your long term target but, set short term goals to only 10 pounds at a time. Instead of trying to take a big leap at one go, use baby steps to achieve your goal! Simple achievable targets are not only more rewarding but are motivating too, as you move from one level of success to another. 

Try not to be discouraged if you fall short of your long term goal. If you lose 9 pounds instead of 10 look back at you plan and see where you can make adjustments. Trend diets should always be avoided. They may offer quick results but they are often short lived. Instead a healthy, balanced diet and an exercise plan where you consume fewer calories than you're using is the best place to start.