10 Minute Office Workout: No Excuses!

In today's day and age the lack of time is becoming our greatest downfall. The harder we try to find the time to do anything besides work and care for our family, the more we realize that the things we enjoy doing are often ignored.

Many of us just can't seem to find the time for ourselves. According to a study by the National Sleep Foundation, the average employed American works a 46-hour work week; 38% of the respondents in their study worked more than 50 hours per week. When you factor in children, the grocery store and dinner, it would seem to leave little time for personal attention - usually leading to bed for 4-5 hours just to wake up and do it all again. 

Between all the errands of our day, work, and the kids, we never seem to find much time for doing the things we love or the hobbies we enjoy. We ask ourselves how is it possible to find any alone time for ourself with so much on our plate?" To exercise we must devote the necessary time and energy, and due to the average person's lifestyle this may not seem attainable. 

We are not a non-stop cyborg sent here from the future with the mission to work and raise kids, where after our mission is complete we're terminated. However this is the way many of us feel throughout our day to day life. 

Well stop fussing, we can all incorperate exercise into out daily life. When you're unable to find the time to get into the gym then here's a routine that can be performed from your office that's simple and east to partake in. It doesn't take much time to do and will definitely reap positive benefits. It is not designed to give you a perfect chisled body, although it will give your muscles resistance to stay firm, strong and toned. 

The routine below outlines a fast and fun program that takes minutes to complete - being done while on lunch or break - and repeated throughout the day in intervals. 

Start by completing a set of each exercise per body part in sequence. You will be performing 10-20 repetitions per exercise, and then perform 1-2 more sets per exercise if you have time. 

High Knee Raises:

While standing tall, start by bringing one knee up high towards your chest. Lower and do the same with the opposite knee. Once you have mastered the movement, try picking up the pace to almost a rapid running on the spot. Continue doing these for approximately 1 minute. This exercise will get your heart rate up and blood pumping, priming the muscles for resistance and aiding in your cardiovascular health. Perform this exercise twice while pausing to rest in between for approximately 1 minute. 

Jumping Jacks:

While standing tall, jump to a position with your legs spread wide and your hands touching overhead, then return to a position with your feet together and your arms at your sides. Do this in rapid sequence for 15-20 repetitions. 


Standing tall while situated facing a chair you will hold a squat position as if about to sit down. Make sure all weight is on the heels of your feet and your knees behind your toes. Attempt to now sit down and stop right before your behind touches the chair. Now use your legs to thrust yourself back into a stand-still position. 

Calf Raises:

Place both hands on a counter or desk for balance and push yourself up onto the front of your feet. Continue to hold this position for about 3-4 seconds,then slowley begin to lower yourself back down. 

Desk Pushups:

Standing 4-5 feet away from a counter top or desk, place both hands on the surfaces edge. Then while relaxing the lower part of your body, perform a push-up. Stop just before your chest reaches the surface, pause and then push yourself back into the start position. 

Seated Triceps Lift Backs:

With your arms behind you and hands grasped to the edege of a chair, slowley lower yourself using your triceps for resistance. Perfom this exercise slowley and make it a priority to feel the triceps tighten. Hold the negative position for a brief pause before thrusting yourself back into start position without locking your arms therefore keeping constant resistance. 

Seated Bicep Curls:

Start by sitting up straight in a chair, one arm by your side palm forward and fist clenched. Take the opposite hand and put it over your fist, and apply pressure for resistance. During the resistance bring your arm up towards your shoulder just as you would using a dumbbell. Slowley bring it back down to the starting position using constant resistance from the other hand throughout the entire negative contraction. After completing your repetitions, switch arms and repeat. 

Upon Completion:

  1. Once you have finished all the exercises, sit down, keep your legs straight, then reach forward trying to touch your toes and hold the strech for about 10 seconds.
  2. Place both arms out to your sides as if you trying to reach east to west. Then move them inward in front of your chest as though you were performing a lying dumbbell fly. Stop your arms about 3 inches apart and squeeze your chest, feeling the muscles contract. This movement will also place some resistance on your arms as well as your shoulders. Hold this position for approximately 5 seconds before returning your arms back to the starting position.

By utilizing the time you may have at work to perform this exercise routine you can keep your muscles firm and toned. By elevating your heart rate and promoting blood flow you will in turn aid in your cardiovascular health. The effectiveness of this routine will definitely surprise you and there is no excuse as to why these exercises cannot be performed at some point in your day. Whether at home, or at the office, this program is sure to keep you strong. Futhermore, these exercises are a great compliment to anyone's gym routine.