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Are You Tired of Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes that Just Don't "Stick"?

Maybe you zip by mirrors because you aren't happy with the body you see in them.

Maybe you feel pulled forty different directions and are tired of not prioritizing YOU.

Or perhaps your doctor has warned you that without some lifestyle changes, you will be at increasing risk for various health conditions. 

Telling yourself you need to improve your health & fitness is NOT the same as TAKING ACTION on it.
— Bill Calhoun

Reality check: Life happens -- it happens A LOT. If you're a focused, goal-driven superwoman, you've probably got a lot of balls in the air.

You can't juggle it all forever; you can't keep up this pace without consequences to your health and sanity.

At some point, you have to take care of YOURSELF or you won't have the energy to keep up with everything else.


What's Different This Time?


We're Going to look at the big picture of your mind and body

Holistic coaching means I'm not going to just "fix" your weight or change your diet or hypnotize you out of smoking, I'm going to work with you on your "whole" life.

We will look at your energy levels, nutrition and eating habits, exercise, lifestyle, stress level, and mindfulness AND how all of those are connected.

Lifestyle changes are simpler, better, and easier when you don't have other areas of your life counter-balancing the changes you try to make in one area.

I am busy and ambitious too -- I know it's hard to find a balance between working, family needs, personal life, and self care.

I'm here to tell you that you CAN do it. I'm here to help you get the body, health, and energy that you want.

Improving Your Health Can Improve Your Life

I help people become the future self they want to see in the mirror...

The One Who:

  • Is sexy and self-confident
  • Loves her life and balances her time
  • Has enough energy for her kids
  • Has slimmed down and reduced her risk of heart disease
  • Looks amazing for a wedding
  • Stays on track and gets things done
  • Gets fit, stays fit, and does it naturally and safely
  • Has much less anxiety and stress


Nicole_Before After.png

“This was me 2+ years back and me now. I started off without a real goal. But going through the process of not just workouts but the nutrion and mindset science behind your protocols has helped me get here. I have come so far, further than I ever thought I could. You provided the road map and got me here!! YOU ROCK!!!” 

Nicole, 38, lost 12 kg

Nook Before After.png

“Sitting at airport, flipped through magazine and saw myself one year ago, with a shock. I looked so auntie so old. Almost 2 months after coaching with Bill, I have changed. I love myself more, I sleep well, I enjoy my life more and I'm feeling awesome!!!! 3 months after I decided to love myself more. No I am not trying to be skinny but I am choosing the way of being healthier. ” 

Nook, 35, Lost 3 kg

Josephine before after.png

 “I'm more empowered overall as a woman who, with fitness and confidence regained after having twins at a more mature age, now feel more capable and in control of my life (physically, mentally and emotionally). Having Bill's coaching has also enabled me to form better lifestyle habits and make better nutrition choices. It has definitely rewired my brain and the formidable transformation is more than just that of the body but more so of my mind, which I am slowly but surely becoming the master of. So a big thank you and hoorah! 😃💪”

Josephine, 47, lost 10 kg

Judy Before After.png

“Just less than 3 months under Bill's guidance I have lost 5 kg, 6.1% fat ( at the peak) and gained 3% in muscle. Bill's coaching really works! What's amazing is when I took 1 month off the program in Feb, I didn't put on weight. Big thank you to Bill Calhoun and my team mates for all the encouragement and getting me to push the envelope. You are all my inspirations. My 50th birthday gift for myself ....the lean me !'”

Judy, 50, lost 5 kg


“I have never heard of Bill Calhoun before I joined BuFF. Now I have decided to go for his coaching program. Why? Because Bill has given me a different perspective on healthy living and fitness. I feel mentally and physically stronger. Having joined BuFF, I know I can trust his philosophy, methods and his way of "getting things done".”

Sock Gek, lost 10kg


"Joining BUFF started off as a weight loss plus exercise program. It is more than that. It is a lifelong journey that involves constantly learning to deal with obstacles that our minds pose. Bill is certainly an expert in the nutrition and fitness field, always encouraging and motivating!”

Christina Mallal, lost 3kg


Hi! I'm Bill Calhoun.

Bill Calhoun1.png

I'm an author, TV host, certified Clinical Hypnosis, Life Coach, and Nutritionist working with busy people to help them look good, feel better and take charge of their health and well-being.

I do it in a way that is customized to each individual, creating strategies and action plans that take the big picture into account.

I can help you figure out exactly what you need to do to live healthily. Fitness isn’t just about running on the treadmill all the time and good nutrition isn’t just about no carbs.

Together, we will discover a sustainable way for you to live a healthier life.



We’ll look at your nutrition and eating habits, rest, mindfulness, exercise and any other aspect of your health and wellness you would like to improve.

We’ll set meaningful and measurable goals for each to set you up for lasting change.

I won’t make you give up foods that are important to you, or force you into unrealistic exercise programs.

I will be there to motivate you, help you overcome obstacles and push you when necessary, but never beyond your comfort level.

The road to health and wellness is about setting clear goals that work for you, then using tools to establish new, healthy habits that become self-sustaining over time.


*Please only apply if you are serious about making changes and ready to be accountable.