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Get rid of your unproductive mindset to lose weight once & for all.

Are you ready to get healthier, stop dieting, and finally transform your body the way you want?

No more “yo-yo-ing”.

I help you reach your goals; I don't dictate how you “should” be. 

I will initially learn all about you and your fitness goals, then I will work with the ProCoach System to deliver a custom program just for you, that will get you to looking and feeling better than you can imagine. 


If you've ever tried a fad diet or exercise program before, you've probably seen some results, but been unable to maintain the changes long term.

Rather than a massive overhaul all at once, this program is designed to be sustainable and practice-based – adapting to your reality, one day at a time.

Slower and less drastic, yes... But. You’ll drop the fat (and inches) you've carried for years. You will reassess and redefine a new and healthier relationship with food. And you’ll let go of image insecurity, food addiction, and restrictive dieting for good.


You won't find a better nutrition and lifestyle coach anywhere.

Transforming bodies and lifestyles is my passion, and I am dedicated to helping women just like you attain the best body you can get.

Whatever setbacks threaten to derail your progress, I will help you make it through by analyzing possible solutions or modifying your program.

Think of me as your on-call nutritionist/scientist/coach/friend.

You'll be able to connect with me through the online coaching platform by Skype, text, or video. I'll be reviewing your progress, offering insight, and just checking in with you to offer support.

How exactly does Bill’s Coaching work?

You’ll get a lesson, a workout, and a habit to practice daily through the online coaching platform. 

You’ll receive feedback regularly from me, and you can reach out for assistance anytime. 

To get a more solid idea of how it works, watch the video:

Bill Calhoun, Health Coach, PN-Certified Coach, and Celebrity Fitness Guru

My decades of experience in healthy living, nutrition and fitness have afforded me the opportunity to select the most effective tools for my clients.

Meal planning and goal tracking for weight loss (or gain) is an integral part to an overall healthy lifestyle. It reminds you that eating the right foods and maintaining a healthy weight is achievable and is the best thing for living the vibrant, energetic lifestyle you want.

I am excited about the opportunity to bring the power of ProCoach nutrition to my coaching clients and look forward to helping more people transform into their best selves.

Bill Calhoun.png

Bill's Coaching Program for Women provides:

A year of personalized nutritional coaching to help you transform into your fittest self.

Finally attaining your ideal body.

Lose fat, increase strength, gain energy. I can help you reach your fitness goals, whatever they may be. After 12 months you’ll be in the best shape of your life.  

Baby Steps to Incredible Achievements.

Big picture nutritional goals will get broken out into little but crucial daily practices that equal a huge body transformation. Healthier habits will become second nature to you and change your lifestyle permanently.

A Lifestyle Change that won't take over your life.

It all starts with you — your life, nutritional needs and fitness goals. We then work up a custom plan to optimise your real, day to day life with better nutrition, more effective activity, and healthier choices.

guidance and motivational support.

Accountability, direction, and support are the difference between reaching your goals and quitting. Bill will help you stay consistent and overcome challenges.

No dieting, counting, or calorie charts.

Rather than studying yet another complicated diet program, you will actually have fewer details to deal with. The ProCoach system crunches the numbers so all you have to do is follow the plan, one step at a time.

Risk-free results – guaranteed.

You will get coaching for an entire year, and at the end of that year, you will be in the best shape of your life – or it's free.


Here are just a few of the 45,000 coaching clients who’ve experienced incredible transformations over the past 15 years.


“Sitting at airport, flipped through magazine and saw myself one year ago, with a shock. I looked so auntie so old. Almost 2 months after training with Bill's program, I have changed. I love myself more, I sleep well, I enjoy my life more and I'm feeling awesome!!!! 3 months after I decided to love myself more. No I am not trying to be skinny but I am choosing the way of being healthier. ” 

Nook, 35, Lost 3 kg

Nicole_Before After.png

“This was me 2+ years back and me now. I started off without a real goal. But going through the process of not just workouts but the nutrion and mindset science behind your protocols has helped me get here. I have come so far, further than I ever thought I could. You provided the road map and got me here!! YOU ROCK!!!” 

Nicole, 38, lost 12 kg


 “I'm more empowered overall as a woman who, with fitness and confidence regained after having twins at a more mature age, now feel more capable and in control of my life (physically, mentally and emotionally). Being on this programme has also enabled me to form better lifestyle habits and make better nutrition choices. It has definitely rewired my brain and the formidable transformation is more than just that of the body but more so of my mind, which I am slowly but surely becoming the master of. So a big thank you and hoorah! 😃💪”

Josephine, 47, lost 10 kg


“Just less than 3 months under Bill's guidance I have lost 5 kg, 6.1% fat ( at the peak) and gained 3% in muscle. Bill's program really works! What's amazing is when I took 1 month off the program in Feb, I didn't put on weight. Big thank you to Bill Calhoun and my team mates in pro coach, for all the encouragement and getting me to push the envelope. You are all my inspirations. My 50th birthday gift for myself ....the lean me !'”

Judy, 50, lost 5 kg


Are You Ready?

The tiny effort of a few clicks can be the first step of your incredible transformational journey. A journey thousands of strong, determined women have taken before you and never looked back.

Perhaps you’ve been dreading beach season, maybe your energy flags out halfway through your day, or maybe you are missing your old confidence in your ability to set and achieve your goals.

If you are done with feeling that way and you're ready to get the body you want and to be in control of your health and fitness with no rebounding, no backsliding, I am here to help you. You have tried before on your own; now there is no try – it's time to do with help from someone ready to commit to your success.

I live for seeing my clients transform their lives and bodies like butterflies greeting a new day.

I hope to help you transform your body and life forever.

Right now, the next step is up to you.