Here are just a few of the 45,000 coaching clients who’ve experienced incredible transformations over the past 15 years.


“Sitting at airport, flipped through magazine and saw myself one year ago, with a shock. I looked so auntie so old. Almost 2 months after training with Bill's program, I have changed. I love myself more, I sleep well, I enjoy my life more and I'm feeling awesome!!!! 3 months after I decided to love myself more. No I am not trying to be skinny but I am choosing the way of being healthier. ” 

Nook, 35, Lost 3 kg

Nicole_Before After.png

“This was me 2+ years back and me now. I started off without a real goal. But going through the process of not just workouts but the nutrion and mindset science behind your protocols has helped me get here. I have come so far, further than I ever thought I could. You provided the road map and got me here!! YOU ROCK!!!” 

Nicole, 38, lost 12 kg


 “I'm more empowered overall as a woman who, with fitness and confidence regained after having twins at a more mature age, now feel more capable and in control of my life (physically, mentally and emotionally). Being on this programme has also enabled me to form better lifestyle habits and make better nutrition choices. It has definitely rewired my brain and the formidable transformation is more than just that of the body but more so of my mind, which I am slowly but surely becoming the master of. So a big thank you and hoorah! 😃💪”

Josephine, 47, lost 10 kg


“Just less than 3 months under Bill's guidance I have lost 5 kg, 6.1% fat ( at the peak) and gained 3% in muscle. Bill's program really works! What's amazing is when I took 1 month off the program in Feb, I didn't put on weight. Big thank you to Bill Calhoun and my team mates in pro coach, for all the encouragement and getting me to push the envelope. You are all my inspirations. My 50th birthday gift for myself ....the lean me !'”

Judy, 50, lost 5 kg