Online Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset Coaching
For The Super-Woman Who Wants It All,
And Who Wants Back Into Those Skinny Jeans For Good....

do you feel trapped?

You want to have a better diet, but simply have no time to sift through all the nutritional info out there.

You feel deprived and frustrated whenever you reduce or quit "bad" food choices.

You’re just too STRESSED and tired to handle One. More. Thing.

Are you taking care of everyone and everything ... except yourself?

Is your body telling you something?


Moment of Truth:

You're the kind of person who gets things done ASAP, and it's discouraging when your body can’t keep up with the demands of your lifestyle and it's just so hard to make lasting, effective changes.

Are you unhappy with how you look and feel? It's ok, we have all been there at some point.

All of the studies, articles, trends, and info is overwhelming and contradictory and who has time to keep up with all that anyway?

I know you don't have time to sit down and work out what's REALLY keeping you from the body and health you want (Because work and life and ALL THE THINGS, right?!)

I'm happy you found this page and how would it be if we just have an honest conversation? 

Have you been making excuses and putting off really getting started?

Have you been prioritizing work and — let's face it— EVERYTHING over YOU?

You can't work on your health because you haven't built it into the schedule and you're just too tired to work it in.

BUT, you can rock so many other things in your life that you put your mind to…

So, somewhere along the way, you just stopped caring about taking care of your body, your stress level, and overall health.

That just isn't sustainable.

I want you to BREATHE... and Stop Blaming Yourself.

YOU are AMAZING and You CAN Do It.



You just need a Plan, some Focus, and an Expert who gets YOU.

Hi, I'm Bill Calhoun.

I spent the last 25 years building my expertise in fitness training, and nutrition.

I believe and know that when you take back control of your health and fitness, you feel stronger, more confident, and you can do so much more.

Everything is connected. When you push yourself to exercise, you have more strength and energy to exercise, work or think later. When you decide to choose "real" foods over convenient processed junk, your body thanks you, your brain works better, and your hair and skin improve.

When you live up to YOUR full potential, you are more empowered to get out and embrace the life you want, not just react to whatever life throws at you.

And I can work within your life.

There’s no one-size-fits-all diet, and I will NOT force you to live on juice, eat Keto, go no-carb, grow your own kale chips, or be paleo-vegan (unless that’s your thing!). These are all just tools. I've tried them all and learned their strengths and weaknesses; we're going to find and use the diet, habit, and activity tools that work the best and fastest for you.


Let's get you the body, health, and energy you want — I will help you get there safely, and naturally!

Platinum Coaching

 A 6-month virtual fitnessnutrition, and mindset coaching program
for the Super-Woman who's ready to look and feel as awesome as she is.


The Platinum Coaching Program is:

  • 100% Virtual - we can do this completely online. I'll be there as much as you need & we can work around your schedule in real time.
  • 100% Personalized - to your unique fitness, nutrition and lifestyle goals
  • 100% Actionable - no abstract books to read — action plans and checklists for the woman who makes things happen!
  • Private one on one coaching calls
  • Custom fitness and nutrition program
  • Action plan customized to your schedule, lifestyle, and preferences
  • Check-ins, support and accountability
  • I'll give you exactly what to do when - no extra thinking or stressing over charts required
  • Positive mindset coaching and self-hypnotism
  • Stress management coping skills
  • Nutrition plan personalized to your goals, preferences and life
  • Weekly action plans
  • Flexibility built in to your plan to work with your schedule
  • You'll know what to do and when, every day, and you'll see RESULTS like never before

What You Get:

Bill Laptop.jpg
  • A personal coach in your pocket who gets where you're coming from
  • A custom program, starting where you are now and ending where you want to be
  • Weekly action plans that consider your life, schedule, and commitments so you can stick with it
  • Nutrition plans and dietary tools based on YOUR body, goals, and food preferences
  • Accountability and online support
  • Expert personal training programs customized to your abilities and goals
  • Ongoing progress assessment, measurement, and motivation check-ins


The Powerful super-Woman who can work her Butt off... and who's ready to do it (literally)!

This is for the lady who’s ready to GO AFTER HER GOALS. She wants to feel strong, sexy, and confident, and get back in control.

Is this YOU?


Here's How We Do It:

  1. Fill out an individual assessment form - In order to customize this to your unique situation, the online form includes your background, goals and current challenges.

  2. We schedule our first Skype call - We'll dive deep for 60 minutes and really figure out what you want out of this program.

  3. We make your personalized action plan - We will work up a plan for you to reach your fitness, nutrition, and health goals, based around your preferences and availability.

  4. You have 6 months of realistic goals to get you there - No vague guidelines, just a focused actionable plan with clear steps.

  5. We plan out weekly 30-minute coaching calls - This is why it works. You’ve been ready to make changes before, but this time you'll show up for these calls and I will help you adapt to life's surprises, strategize, and keep you focused on your goal. I’m with you every step because I know we can do this.

Are You READY?

Apply now to see if this Platinum Coaching is a good fit for you

Please only apply if you are serious about making changes and ready to be accountable

Black Dress.jpg

Imagine this...

You walk into a room and it feels like a mountain breeze blowing your hair, a spotlight glitters on your skin, your personal "power music" is playing, and everyone wants to know:


I can help you be that woman you've dreamed of!


Apply now to see if this Platinum Coaching is a good fit for you

Please only apply if you are serious about making changes and ready to be accountable


And that’s not all! 


BONUS: Receive the ProCoach program FREE for 3 months


As a certified Precision Nutrition (PN) Coach, I'm excited to partner with PN to offer you access to the ProCoach Program.

This industry-leading program is focused on transformative eating and nutrition habits with daily emails to your inbox. Includes short and effective lessons and assignments ideal for a busy lifestyle.



Watch the video below for an overview of the ProCoach program and what people were able to achieve from 1:1 coaching from a PN certified coach.



Apply now to see if this Platinum Coaching is a good fit for you

Please only apply if you are serious about making changes and ready to be accountable