why would i need a 'life coach'?

Therapists (counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists) concentrate on healing dysfunction from the past.

I am not a therapist, although I do take your history into consideration.

Consultants evaluate firms, give information, and carry out present solutions.

I am not a consultant, although I will be able to point you to resources that will help you in the here and now.

Mentors are role models who are well experienced and serve as advisers to a person with a lesser experience.

I am not a mentor, although my experience will inform the advice I give you.

Coaches concentrate on future performance and make use of questions to improve behaviors, skills, and self-awareness.

The suggestions I will give you will help you discover how to diminish the gap between the “ideal you” and the “real you". I am not a judge here. My goal is to help individuals become who they desire to become, not to analyze who the person is right now.

Even when changing our behavior means total gain with no risk- and holding on to the norm can destroy our relationships and career- we resist change.

Change even defeats us when it’s between death and life. Imagine how tough it is to quit a harmful habit like smoking. Even with the many health risks and general societal disapproval,  two-thirds of those who smoke but say they would love to stop, never even give it a try. And even for those that do try, nine in ten usually fail. While those who succeeded in quitting -- especially the most disciplined and motivated people -- averagely speaking, they fail six times before becoming successful.

What makes good, lasting behavioral transformation so challenging -- and makes most of us quit so easily is that we have to make the attempt in our flawed world, full of things that may influence us adversely.

The good news here is that while behavioral transformation may be complicated, getting lasting and meaningful change may be simple -- simpler than we ever thought. Nevertheless, simple is not the same as easy.

Some individuals say they do want change, but they do not actually mean it. The hardest thing to accomplish in life is behavioral change in adults.

If you feel that I am overstating the difficulty, answer these few questions:

What do you wish to change in your life?

Actually, it could be a big thing like your weight, career, or job. It could also be a minor thing like visiting your mother regularly, or changing your hairstyle, or repainting the living room.

How long have you wanted this?

For how many years or months have you woken up in the morning and said things like this to yourself “this is the day I will begin my change.”

How well has that worked?

Meaning, you can pick times when you wanted to change things in your life and acted on the impulse and succeeded with it.

The three questions above relate to the three main issues we encounter in changing our lives.

We can’t take action on the change we need maybe due to the fact that we do not know that change is desirable, or we know, but have given ourselves enough excuses to deny our need for transformation.

Inertia is why we never start to change, which is the reason why I think our reply to “How long have you wanted this?” is often evaluated in terms of years and not days. It takes exceptional effort to quit doing things in our comfort zone (due to the fact that a "comfort zone" is mildly pleasurable, painless, or familiar) in a bid to begin something strenuous that will benefit us more later on. Nevertheless, through a simple step -- self-monitoring and emphasizing structure -- I can give you the accelerator that boosts and sustains positive change.

The process I apply in helping clients is simple and consistent. I first carry out an interview and listen to the stakeholders of my client. These stakeholders could actually be their family members, friends, or colleagues. I gather many confidential feedback reports. Then, together with my client, we review the summary of the feedback. My clients are totally responsible for the change in behavior they want to make. My part is very straightforward. I give them the tools they need to achieve lasting, positive change in the behavior they select as pointed out by the major stakeholders they have chosen.


It Will Definitely Cost You More Than Just Money. My coaching isn’t for all and sundry. My coaching needs commitment and courage. After working with my clients for thirteen months, their lives automatically transform to something better. Though this opportunity will cost you some money, you must be prepared to invest your commitment, time and energy to building something very powerful that will change the course of your life. We will talk whenever you are ready.

Then your life will transform.

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