How will Corporate Coaching help My Business?

Unlike a consultant, whose job is to evaluate firms, give information, and carry out present solutions, coaches concentrate on future performance and make use of questions to improve, behaviors, skills, and self-awareness.

Unlike Virtual Assistants, who increase your efficiency by handling routine and strategic tasks, coaches can be an effective way to increase your own and your team's performance by making use of behaviors and mindset.

Leadership change process and coaching can be incorporated into leadership function on the job, needing no extra time to oversee and delegate to a Virtual Assistant, or to implement new consultant-recommended processes.

Coaching isn’t for all people, just the way information technology isn’t the answer to everything. Before knowing if online coaching suits you, first ensure you are acquainted with these fundamentals of coaching:

  • What is your aim?
  • Are you improving your mindset or performance?
  • Do you want to overcome limiting habits or behaviors?
  • Does your coach suit you? Do you actually trust them as well as their references? Can they also serve as your mentor? (By bringing good experience on board)
  • What are your commitments? Are you ready to put in the energy, work and time coaching sessions require to achieve new degrees of success?
  • Are you the coachable type? Are you ready to do things different from the norm and leave those patterns that have brought about average results? Will you be under the tutelage of your coach and responsible for your agreed action?

Bill's Method

Bill strongly believes that we achieve our goals by controlling every aspect of our lives. Simply think about it. If money is all we think about, who would love to work for us? If we neglect taking care of ourselves emotionally and physically, who would want to be with us?

Success grows naturally out of maximizing our energy, shutting out our weaknesses, and following the characteristics exhibited by most successful people. This helps us achieve the needed motivation, ambition, and confidence to overcome obstacles in our lives and succeed in any situation we find ourselves.

Bill has become conversant with this technique through his life experience, as he became successful in various industries across competitive markets all over the world. The secret has to do with changing your attitude when you are around those you love and respect. They make up your target audience.

Choose an aspect for behavioral change: working with the coach while making use of one or more leadership evaluations, the leader chooses a specific trait or behavior that is vital for his or her leadership growth.

Obtain “feedforward” suggestions from your target audience: the leader picks some target audience -- peers, direct reports, and maybe a boss -- and then will ask his target audience for feedforward suggestions monthly. (Ex: what are your suggestions for me to improve on delegation?).

The leader, along with the coach, chooses suggestions that are relevant based on the discussion with target audience and prepares a plan of action for the coming month.

Carry out noticeable changes: throughout the month, the leader carries out this plan of action and shows the target audience through his or her actions that he or she is making every effort to become a better leader.

Review your progress quarterly: the target audience will quarterly fill out a brief mini-survey to measure their perceptions on how they view the improved effectiveness of the leader in selected change areas.

The report of the mini survey is conveyed back to the leader to enable him or her to measure how the audience sees his or her leadership change efforts. The mini survey likewise plays a major role in ensuring and gauging leadership growth for both the organization and the leader.


It Will Definitely Cost You More Than Just Money. My coaching isn’t for all and sundry. My coaching needs commitment and courage. After working with my clients for thirteen months, their life automatically transforms to something better. Though this opportunity will cost you some money, you must be prepared to invest your commitment, time and energy to building something very powerful and with lasting impact in your corporation's bottom-line, cooperation and impact upon your clients.

We will talk whenever you are ready. Then your company will transform.

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