A safe, healthy way to detox,
lose weight and feel great

What is FASTOX?

  • FASTOX is a Super Fast, 7-day detox and weight loss program
  • FASTOX is clinically proven to lower cholesterol
  • FASTOX is medically safe

What you get

  • You get a simple, fully-guided, no-nonsense plan
  • You get a customized juicing menu
  • You get an optional at-home 5 minute, fat-blasting workout

Fast results that you can see

“…It’s been just over a month since I completed FASTOX and I’ve kept the inches off. Wanted to also share that I got a medical check up done a couple of weeks ago after going through the program and compared the results to the last one I did 2 years ago. The results were very good according to the doctor. Fastox was easy to follow even with my busy schedule, affordable, effective and did not affect work or my regular exercise program.”

-Genevieve Chua



The FASTOX system includes:

  • Quick BodyReBoot (7-day Detox/Fasting System)
  • Nutrition Tracking & Interactive Report Card
  • 1-on-1 Personal Coaching session with Bill