Award winning books on

motivation, improved communication and
a better family life

Can't... Can!:
How You CAN Get Motivated in Minutes

What I'm offering with this book is really no different from other success tools, except for two things. One, it is better; and two, it is coming from someone you know and rely on for solid information and solutions.

I hope this book will help you see alternatives that you may not have been aware of. I want to help you develop a structured path towards self-fulfillment, a path toward YOUR OWN brilliant lifestyle.

Together, we are going to create a Brand New YOU!

No More Alps:
A Survival Guide for Families Struggling with Bipolar Disorder

The purpose of this book is to inspire by means of building your self-confidence and by allowing yourself to dream BIG. Now that you've decided you want to build your self-confidence, you should resolve to follow it all the way through to the end. Go forward with the knowledge that you can and will achieve all that you desire and much will come of your energy and perseverance.

Shut Up and Talk:
An Effective Guide to Communication Skills

In my line of work I come across talented, amazing people every day.  These are men and women who have great ideas and abilities to share--with their communities, families, and the world. I wrote this book for you and others like you--people who are talented and have a lot to offer, but who want to reach farther and higher. You could be a young person just starting out in life or a high-level corporate executive.  No matter who you are, this book can help.

It's not always enough to be proficient in your native language or even to speak another language reasonably well. People also need basic communication skills that will serve in the business world, in our personal lives, in public speaking, and social situations. My goal for this book is to give you those tools.

You may or may not be a good natural speaker, but everyone who uses language is a speaker. You have real power in communicating at your command already. If you study and practice the simple lessons in these pages, you will become a far more powerful, interesting, and effective communicator than you have ever been before.

Praise from Bill's readers

Great book for understanding mood disorders”

”I bought this book as I thought my friend experienced pretty dramatic highs and lows and I wanted to understand why. I also have pre-teen daughters, and I thought it would help there too. Although after reading it I am not sure my friend has bi-polar disorder, this book gave me lots of actionable ideas on how to better communicate with her. Also, self-confidence, positive thinking, and imagination are all qualities I love to see in my children. Thanks to Bill Calhoun for laying things out so easily for me to understand. I appreciate his easy writing style as well as the daily affirmations. Loved the free self-hypnosis file too! Thanks again!
— Barbara
Comprehensive guide to improving communication”

”I was truly surprised at just how in-depth this book is and at the range of situations and types of communication covered. This well-written and easy-to-read book offers practical advice to improve communication skills in both professional and social situations, from everyday interactions to more formal presentations, including business proposals and speeches - it even provides advice for job interviews.

I really appreciated the practical exercises at the end of each chapter as these allow the theory to be put into practice.
— Anne
Yes I can!!”

”Love this motivational book! Calhoun has used such inspiring words and clever pictures to get the positive message across! A wonderful read, worth every cent!!
— Nesta
The perfect book for those that want the best in life!”

”What can I say....I love personal development books so this book was completely up my alley. What a wonderful read!

This book is really a handbook for success. It focuses on the fact that success is up to YOU and no one else. It dives into teaching you how to work on yourself by giving you fantastic information about developing yourself physically, mentally, morally.....developing positive qualities within yourself, personal magnetism and will power.

It teaches you how to win in life and not give in when things get tough. It also teaches you how to get on with people. Topics like dealing with other people, how to read people, persuading others, understanding human nature are all discussed in this book.

I would recommend this for anyone that is ready and willing to allow positive change to flow in their life. It will give you all the information you need to make your life the best it can be!
— Jessica