With experience spanning over 20 years and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in political Science and Journalism from California State University in 1982, Bill Calhoun is definitely a force to reckon with in the worlds of success and communication. He has dedicated himself to journalism, effective communication, and public speaking, both on the national and international scale.

With lots of nominations and awards to his name like the International Emmy Award nomination in Directing for National Kidney Foundation Show, Asian Television Award in Choreography for Best Variety Program and many more, Bill has successfully distinguished himself as a veteran in the world of communication, as an anchor and as a director. His directorial credits include the President’s Star Charity Show, Hit Awards Show, TCS Star Awards, TCS Talent Search (semi-final and final), TCS Star Search (semi-final and final), Advertiser’s Awards Show, People’s Choice Awards, WTO Show, Body Blast, and Singapore Leisure.

Bill has served on the board of several global brands;

  • Director for President’s Star Charity Show
  • Executive Producer 2001 APEC CEO Summit in Thailand
  • Producer, Director and Choreographer for Miss World Pageant in Bangkok Thailand
  • Master Presenter for Reebok's Network Fitness Convention, an international event with over 450 participants from Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Hong Kong, and the Philippines
  • Presenter for National Kidney Foundation exercise workshop for over 750 participants.

He is a producer, creative director, and whole-health fitness guru,

providing a wide-array of professional services including business development, marketing, communications and branding strategies as well as a producing/directing for various stage and commercial productions. He is also the company founder and independent contractor-in-chief of BILL CALHOUN PTE LIMITED (Singapore). In the course of his career Bill has successfully worked with firms like Dance Hub Asia, Pokka Corporation, Reebok, Motorola, Mercedes Benz and many more. Also responsible for the successful presentation and stage direction for Beijing, China and Sydney, Australia Telecommunication Exhibit (GPT/Marconi Corporation; developing, executing and managing brand awareness strategies  for Pokka Corporation's soft drink branding campaign; leading the branding initiatives for Mercedes Benz, Triumph Swimwear (a division of Bee Dees) and Caesar's Hotel; developing marketing and branding strategies for Carrier Air Conditioning, Motorola, Singapore Super Model, LA Gear, RTM/TCS Orchestra Exchange; and he designed and directed innovative skit characterizations for Levi Strauss as part of company's product promotion initiatives.

Bill has also successfully trained and is still training many senior management executives

to be experts in International Business, Process Improvement and Product Development, Legal Compliance and Risk Management, Leadership Development, Strategic and Succession Planning, Marketing, Media and Public Relations, Budget and Business Planning. Those who have come under his tutelage have always excelled greatly when compared with their peers. Bill’s career was spent with the most influential and successful people in entertainment and business learning their success patterns.

After many years of research, he learned the common characteristics exhibited by these people, and found that people can actually learn how to be influential if given the proper coaching. With a good understanding of the power that influence has on individuals, he has created a proven system to transform any executive or leader into a master influencer. He established BILL CALHOUN PTE LIMITED in 2007, to train emerging market leaders and leaders in vital influential leadership, presentation, media, and interaction skills. Bill has been the main adviser and executive coach to many professionals who lead most of the notable brands globally for almost 10 years. Bill has evolved into the most highly sought for and respected keynote speaker, coach, writer and authority on learning the needed skills to become an influential person in every form of communication and leadership. Some of his great publications include "Marketing Magic IMC," by Bill Calhoun, In Marketing Book Publication; “Can’t…Can!”, “Shut Up & Talk”, and "No More Alps.” Bill’s books are dedicated to educating people on influential leadership, communication, and overcoming obstacles to reach success. Bill’s latest very notable publication is "Marketing Magic," by Bill Calhoun, In Marketing Newspaper, summarizes Bill’s research, experience, and knowledge and blends it into a quick, educative guide to teach every person how to apply great marketing techniques to successfully market any type of product.